safety nets

Scaffold netting introduction:

Safety nets are nets used to prevent people and objects from falling, or to avoid and mitigate falling and physical damage. The safety net is generally composed of net body, side rope, tether.

Safety net structure:

The safety net consists of net body, side rope, tether and tendon rope.
The net body is made up of ropes and has a diamond or square mesh. The distance between two adjacent knots of the braid is called the mesh size.

The rope on the edge of the net body is called the side rope.

A rope that secures the safety net to the support is called a tether.

Any rope used to increase the strength of the safety net is collectively referred to as a reinforced rope.

The characteristics of goldnetting safety nets:


1.Goldnetting safety nets have a very high mesh density, which can block gravel and fall of brick objects, and its safety performance is much greater than other similar products.
2. Goldnetting safety nets adopts a special knitting method of a linear multi-door structure, that is, a mesh composed of a set of linear coils and another set of reciprocating rings running through three linear chain coils. The net knot is firm and does not slip, the mesh is not easy to be deformed, and the mesh body is stable in size; it is firm and durable, it is very light and the price is lower than the ordinary safety net.
3. Good air permeability, and does not affect the lighting, can achieve closed operation, beautify the construction site.

Why don't choose goldnetting?

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